Photography is a beautiful activity that has helped me already several decades to explore, understand, express and discover. After some consideration, I have decided to share that experience with you and hope it is the right step. I chose a selection from my many images, so that those who are interested can take a look and reflect on them. A long time ago I divided the pictures into categories of "Records of people" and "Records of things". I separated the images into two groups of before the year 1989 and after. The names of the pictures were created from the name of the place, and, optionally, the time that the shot was taken.

I love the photographs, which demonstrate the author's unique artistic perception, and not only captures the scenic details, but is able to show something more. It is something that is really hard to define. I believe it can be an idea, intuition, opinion or conviction. It is difficult not only to express, but also to do. I know what I'm talking about. Thank you for reading this.

1 January 2013

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